About Us


Our Approach

For as long as I can remember I’ve maximized my time. I really didn’t know how or why, but I was able to fit a lot more into my twenty-four hours a day than most other people. The goal with Level Up Productivity is to help others maximize time, and fit more into the day while working fewer hours. I’ve spent time analyzing how I accomplished so much in the same amount of time everyone else has, not making excuses, and now I’m sharing my methods with you.

Our Story

For years I heard, “Do you ever sleep?” I got the question because I ran my own fast food restaurant with my husband, working approximately sixty hours a week, and on the side I ran three businesses. All three businesses were started with less than $500 and built into six-figure businesses. The first was an online greeting card company I sold to an entrepreneur in the United Kingdom. The second; a custom glass bead and jewelry business. And the third; I’m a USA Today bestselling author of three mystery series under the pen name Jamie Lee Scott.

Even when I was in college, I always seemed to have a side hustle. If I can do it, working 60+ hours a week and riding and training horses along with building a side income, you can too. Level Up Productivity is my way of giving back, teaching others how to maximize their productivity with time management, live better through budgeting and grab a little (or a lot) of money with a side hustle.